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I fear I do not have the talent or vocabulary to express what a great book I think Gloria Parker has written. It is beautiful and powerful, gentle and violent, terrifically funny but suddenly severe, skillfully written and altogether a great book. As I approached the end of the book, knowing how few pages remained, I found it difficult to imagine there were sufficient pages remaining for Gloria to reach any sort of conclusion. But then the incredibly gentle power of the last pages, The boy reminiscing with Mamo, and the crying with both of them over the loss. Then the mother asks to meet Robyn and she does meet Robyn and it is so simple letting the writing allow the power of the event to be. This reader is overcome with emotion. - John Benson, award winning free-lance journalist

Wow! Not merely an eye-popping, uncommonly honest view of transsexual desire and behavior, this lush book is also an extremely vivid tour of other facets of contemporary America, including motherly angst, working class ways, Hollywood frolics, and heterosexual satisfactions, there and elsewhere.
- George Feiffer; author, MOSCOW FAREWELL, BATTLE OF OKINAWA and many more

Meeting RobynAnyone who has ever been a parent or child will recognize this story. Meeting Robyn poignantly expresses all the love, passion, fears, mistakes and good intentions that form the messy ties of our family bonds. As a mother of grown children, in reading Meeting Robyn I experienced again all the intensity of raising a child and was reminded of what a profound journey that is. Every mother's child is "different" and every child is "special needs ".. And every young mother finds herself in the midst of a collision between her hopes and dreams and the primal love and instinct to protect that she feels for her child.
Laura Werntz (writing coach and editor)

If you would like to know what the life of a transgender person is like from childhood on, just read Gloria Parker's new book. The bullying, the insults, the assaults leave you aghast at mans' inhumanity to man. This well plotted, well written book takes you on a blazing odyssey back and forth across the American continent, until the pervasive guilt of evasion is transformed by the inevitable light of revelation. Yes, he's a she, and yes, she's a he, but in the end you'll enjoy this courageous journey to an unprejudiced world where love and laughter prevail.
- Malachy McCourt; author, A MONK SWIMMING, SINGING MY HIM SONG and many more

Gloria and RobinIt is wonderful!!I! I think it would be great for book clubs. It's a subject for the times. The story and the sensitivity that you expose is captivating. It is entertaining and thought provoking throughout.
- Judy Platt

Figuring out who you are is hard enough when you grow up in the mainstream, supported by cultural and family values. But for transgender people like Robert/Robyn, it's a process with no rules, no roadmap, no role models, and no parental advice. Robert/Robyn's coming of age takes not one, but three, decades. Each decade is lonely, painful, and strangely, beautifully recognizable. People like me, a 58-year-married female, don't expect to relate much to the transgender experience. But MEETING ROBYN transcends the transgender genre, detailing a journey of self-discovery that we've all made.

And the mind-blowing part comes when you realize that the often-absent,career-and sex-obsessed mother is actually...well, that would spoil it. Bottom line, this is an important book to read, especially for teens, twenty-something's, and anyone still trying to figure themselves (and their parents) out. I think it could be very successfully used in anti-bullying education. Give it to your friends, and take it to your book club. It's about all of us.

Gloria Parker tells a great story, the true story of her life and of the life of her son. She writes masterfully, using rhythm and choice of language to keep you as off balance as she must have felt going through the awful early years. This story is going to wrench you, `cause you wonder that anyone survived the inferno of the 1960's and its aftermath but they did – both Gloria and her son are alive and well. This book is a salute to the human condition, and a proof that though love may not conquer all, it certainly conquers a whole lot. Read this book – you will want to say, "Oh, I know, I read Gloria Parker when…"

Gloria Parker's writing is pellucid and painful with surprising force and anguish on every page. It is illumining how she explains the "jitteriness" of the young boy now become Robyn, her son/daughter and her struggle to exist in dignity and confidence? There is no explanation that doesn't include abiding love between a mother and her child. With apologies to Walter Pater and Parker as well, Robyn burns with her own hard gemlike flame.
- Lonnie Carter (Obie award winning playwright, The Romance of Magno Rubio, The Lost Boys of Sudan) BRONZEVILLE and many more

It took me some time to read your book- it is very dense- but I found it very honest and revelatory. I think it will be very helpful to transgender people and their families. For myself I enjoyed your American characters that are so very different from their European counterparts. They are so much more optimistic and adventurous. - Barbara Ungeheuer

This book was written with great courage. Both the author and her son/daughter share their saga with unrelenting honesty. Gloria pulls no punches in telling her story of the constant parade of men in her life and her single minded pursuit of an acting career, both of which leave little room for her child. Robert's struggles with transgender issues, epilepsy, isolation, confusion, hurt and rejection are told through his mother with heartbreaking openness and candor. This shared narrative of denial, guilt, secrets and ultimately, of love and redemption is a touching and poignant read. - Jan Quinn

Congratulations! A courageous journey. An adventure I will miss checking in on to see what the next chapter brings. -Jarlath Conroy, Actor

Meeting RobynIf you think "transgender" is just a choice, read Gloria Parker's illuminating memoir about her own child's tormented transition to whom he (now she) really is. The journey to acceptance of and comfort with Robyn's ultimate transition is not easy for either Robyn or her mother, and Ms. Parker is frank about her own misgivings and lack of understanding. But then again, how can one not have questions and misgivings about this mystery of life? How can one not be mystified when there is a very different person inside trying desperately to be acknowledged and accepted? And that person is your own son/daughter…you will understand them both by the end of this engrossing book.
- Joe Godfrey; Award winning playwright

Gloria Parker's "Meeting Robyn" is a compelling tale of a woman and her child's struggles to accommodate the many conflicting aspects and challenges of American life. For Gloria and her child with gender identification problems, it was especially challenging. Ultimately, "Meeting Robyn" is a story of successful emergence from the inner struggles of both mother and child. Well worth the read.
- Frank Miller, author, political blogger

MEETING ROBYN is, above all, a love story-but don't cue the violins. It is a fierce, gritty, passionate struggle for survival, for self-realization, for forgiveness. It's Ms. Parker's apologia for putting her needs and dreams ahead of her child's and her paean to her mother for putting that child ahead of everything. It's Robert's tale of his awakening and difficult journey to becoming Robyn and introducing her to their mother and the world. It's a very human story and it's a damned good read.
- Sheila Schwartz

I bought Gloria's book and read it. Beautifully written. She handles a very difficult subject with perfect equilibrium. - Ray Lewis

Fantastic summer reading! I thoroughly enjoyed Gloria Parker's novel "Meeting Robyn." It's a perfect summer beach read and got some lively household discussions started in the process. Parker is a wonderful storyteller, with a gift for language and nuance. This would also make a great book-club read since it engages powerful and compelling contemporary social issues.
- Anonymous, as written on Amazon


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